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A smart road map to lower carbon emissions? Look to Texas, of all places

Texas switched from coal to natural gas and dramatically cut carbon emissions. Why doesn’t Canada follow its example? (FREE)

Canada’s economic dilemma: resource rich, investment poor

Across the country, governments seem intent on discouraging investment, and that hurts job creation, productivity and wage growth (FREE)

Ontario’s wrong-headed energy policy burns 75,000 jobs

Ontario’s wrong-headed energy policy burns 75,000 jobs

The province’s manufacturing sector may find itself even less competitive soon due to developments in the United States (FREE)

Fed’s Clean Fuel Standards will kill jobs: Just look at Ontario

The soon to-be-announced clean fuel regulations are just the latest example of politicians catering to climate activists (FREE)

Killing the goose that laid the golden egg

Killing the goose that laid the golden egg

Increasingly harsh and ever-shifting resource-related government policies are killing jobs and making Canadians poorer

Time to question foreign influence on Canada’s oil debate

(Troy Media) The Dogwood Initiative, Leadnow, and Greenpeace receive substantial funding from a U.S. advocacy group called Tides

The death of the carbon tax revenue neutrality myth

Without B.C.’s revenue-neutral tax as a template, other provinces are free to indulge in foolish green fund spending orgies

Ontario, Alberta carbon tax schemes defy economic common sense

(Troy Media) Carbon taxes should replace, not add to, existing environmental regulations and subsidies

Uber, open skies, free markets mean better energy efficiency

ENVIRONMENT (Troy Media) Open markets and free trade help consumers economize on energy consumption while reducing CO2 emissions