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The art behind making disasters manageable

POLITICS/BOOKS (Troy Media) The book Dull Disasters examines how we can get ahead of the inevitable cataclysmic events, rather than resorting to futile generosity after the fact

Chicago, Chicago: how 1968’s unrest is still making waves

BONNER (Troy Media) Almost 50 years on, the American electoral system is still trying to come to terms with what happened at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago

How to cope with scarcity in a time of disaster

BONNER (Troy Media) If a disaster wipes out a lot of inventory, that scarce or non-existent inventory has a higher value with more dollars chasing fewer goods

The dangerous domino effect of urban violence

MUNICIPAL (Troy Media) From seemingly harmless events, a cascade of riots and mayhem can follow. Just look at the examples in Detroit, Watts and the 1992 violence in Los Angeles

Big ideas: a guide to developing a more functional world

BOOKS (Troy Media) Oxford Prof. Ian Goldin’s 2016 book is an asset for urban development officers and planners, helping to drive prosperity, education and innovation

Rural resilience: how the green movement on the farm can help us all

BOOKS (Troy Media) If we protect the food supply, maintain clean water, reduce runoff, and make a nicer looking landscape, we’ll all benefit

A simple PR lesson for community police

MUNICIPAL (Troy Media) If police report that all is quiet in a community, does it mean they’re overstaffed or does it mean a reporter is asking the wrong questions?

The biking tail is wagging the dog

BONNER (Troy Media) Bikes are the same length as a car and – with saddle bags and elbows – about half as wide and may take up a whole lane, all for one person

When public safety gets caught in the middle

BONNER (Troy Media) In time of crisis, should governments rely on non-governmental organizations or should those groups be asked to stand aside for the greater good?

When lending a helping hand becomes official policy

BONNER (Troy Media) In emergency circumstances, we often help each other. But what happens when a municipality mandates that citizens need to help strangers?

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