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NAFTA’s demise would force agri-food sector to adapt

(Troy Media) Blame Washington all you want for the NAFTA impasse, but Canada has not demonstrated it wants to liberalize its trading position either

Trudeau’s small business tax grab will hit Atlantic Canada hard

(Troy Media) Ottawa’s plan is confiscatory and destructive for a region where everyone already pays far too much in tax

The coffee industry is getting roasted by climate change

(Troy Media) That’s not java jive: shifting weather patterns mean the industry faces major upheaval within a generation, even as demand explodes

Ottawa’s tax changes could kill family farm

(Troy Media) The federal government’s proposed changes to capital gains rules make it more difficult for a farm to stay in the family

Driverless pizza delivery, at – or near – your doorstep

(Troy Media) Driverless home deliveries can’t come soon enough for the food service industry. Simplified delivery is a key expansion strategy

Study: more fats, less carbohydrates, equal a balanced diet

(Troy Media) Nutritionists have been telling us for years to load up on the low-fat products. Turns out that may have been a bad idea

What’s missing in Ontario’s approach to marijuana distribution

(Troy Media) Ontario says it won’t allow edibles. But the black market will fill the gap and may impact the province’s attempts to mitigate public risk

Amazon brings democratic simplicity to the food industry

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The online giant is essentially about merchandizing convenience for all. Organic foods and meal kits are its latest targets

Gasoline price-fixing harms Atlantic Canada

POLITICS (Troy Media) Controls were intended to ease consumer anger over rare but large price fluctuations. But government isn’t meant to be an anger management therapist

Days of supply management may finally be coming to an end

And if they are, Canadian consumers with have NAFTA 2.0 and Donald Trump to thank for the decrease in the price of dairy products

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