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Implausible government budgeting undermines trust

POLITICS (Troy Media) The fed’s Bill Morneau and Alberta’s Joe Ceci say their budgets are realistic, but they’ve provided no evidence that they’re even plausible

How being politically correct can muddy complex waters

POLITICS (Troy Media) University of Calgary’s “cultural engagement” guidelines bear little resemblance to the complex relationship that existed between aboriginals and later immigrants

David Bershad: A tribute to faithfulness and a fighting spirit

EDUCATION: St. Mary’s University’s professor David Bershad had the patience to teach his students how to read art like reading words

Do Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives have a death wish?

POLITICS (Troy Media) By obstructing Jason Kenney and revisiting a now-discredited past, the PCs would be ensuring the NDP stay in power

How trust was built between men of two cultures

COOPER (Troy Media) Telling each other our stories leads to common grounds for conversation and an understanding that we are all in this together

Wrong-headed labour reform a sign of tone-deaf government

CALGARY (Troy Media) Today public sector unions are best understood as interest groups

Universities should be a safe place to express ideas

CALGARY (Troy Media) Berating someone for wearing a Donald Trump hat takes us too far along the road to political correctness and endangers honest debate

PCs who reject Kenney refuse to face the party’s problems

CALGARY (Troy Media) Can the bruised egos of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative remnant embrace conservative principles? The signs are mixed

Climate change policies exacting a painful economic toll

CALGARY (Troy Media) The consequences of the Alberta NDP’s climate change policies are bearing their inevitably poisoned fruit

The loopy world of Vancouver’s eco-mayor

CALGARY (Troy Media) Mayor Greg (now Gregor) Robertson is out of touch with reality

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