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Should you defer collecting CPP and OAS?

Should you defer collecting CPP and OAS?

GREEN Can you afford to hold off and increase your payments later? Will you need more CPP and OAS later in life? And how long do you expect to live? (FREE to members)

Looking backward to predict future investment performance

Looking backward to predict future investment performance

Be sure to read the fine print if you see a variable-rate investment such as an ETF or a mutual fund advertising what looks like a promised future return (FREE to subscribers)

Do you need mortgage insurance?

Do you need mortgage insurance?

YOUR MONEY It depends. As with all financial planning questions, no one answer fits every situation (FREE to members)

Choosing and maintaining the right life insurance plan

YOUR MONEY: Examining the three types of permanent insurance: term to 100, whole life and universal life plans

Life insurance is more affordable than you think

YOUR MONEY: Term insurance allows the most amount of coverage with the least amount of cost for a select period of time

Layer your retirement income to minimize your tax bill

GREEN (Troy Media) RRSPs aren’t the only financial vehicle that help you manage your taxes over time

Should you be a Do-It-Yourself investor?

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Your time is valuable, and many people don’t have the willingness or knowledge to tackle the task on their own

Home is where the heart is – and where the costs can pile up

GREEN (Troy Media) When it comes to owning a home versus renting, you can’t just compare the amount of rent you would pay to the amount of a mortgage payment

Diversifying your portfolio in one neat package

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) An ETF is a low-cost mutual-like fund that trades on the stock market, with a significantly different fee structure

Comparing investment returns is a tricky task

Each investor is unique in their goals and personal risk tolerance, so their investment portfolio should be customized to their situation

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