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Kudos to Toronto, but independent schools still face discrimination

(Troy Media) Subjecting parents choosing such schools for their children to extra costs is discriminatory

Toppling the misperceptions about home-schooling

(Troy Media) Home-schooling successes show that parents and kids can be far more responsible for decisions about their education than imagined

The waiting is the hardest part, for the hopeful and the pregnant

(Troy Media) If abortion is such a hard decision, as even advocates maintain, why aren’t women allowed the time to make it?

Back to school: choosing wisely for your children

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Independent schools achieve a better balance of good academic, civic, religious and spiritual outcomes

A healthy marriage culture builds a thriving society

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) A healthy marriage contributes to family stability so there’s a need for recovery of the institution. But how?

A museum opts for happy hippy love bugs instead of honesty

CULTURE (Troy Media) The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts exhibit mythologizes the 1960s by ignoring the dark ugliness masked by all those drug-addled smiles

Bursting the universal daycare bubble

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Those lobbying for a universal system make up an unholy alliance of left and right – and very little of it has anything to do with actual benefits to children

Discomfort with death and grief is a modern ailment

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Modern western society could use more, rather than fewer, religious communities integrated into public mourning

Treating everyone the same is bad for learning

EDUCATION (Troy Media) The solution is not to opt for the lowest common denominator but instead to expand the levels of genuine school choice for students and parents

Tying up the loose ends of life

HEALTH/LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The first anniversary of legal doctor-assisted suicide muddies the discussion-of-death waters. Preparing for death needs to focus on the completion of living

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