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Did lululemon make a mistake giving away free clothes?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) How much leeway do you give your employees to be generous with your products or services?

Do immigrants work harder?

With limited resources to fall back on and failure not an option, newcomers buckle down and make the most of their new life

Air Canada’s lesson in how not to communicate with customers

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) Air Canada could have reduced a lot of stress among its passengers by clearly conveying the winning message it intended

Management burnout: douse the flames before all is lost

BUSINESS (Troy Media) A great manager looks at the processes of the business and tries to make them better and works to help their staff reach their potential

Seven things business owners fear

SMALL BUSINESS (Troy Media) To be successful, you need to determine what causes your fear and figure out whether that fear is holding you back or pushing you forward

Why business owners need to get serious about sales

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) No one just buys stuff. You need a concrete sales model based on what the product does, what its advantages are and the values it brings to the marketplace

Easing the burden of leadership

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) Leaders need to find ways to relieve that burden. To find balance in their lives and set aside time to refresh. And they need the support and kindness of others

Why a monthly report card is essential for business

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) Look at your income statement and your balance sheet closely every month. Consider the questions those figures raise and then seek out the necessary answers

How entrepreneurial are you?

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) A poll of entrepreneurs found that top CEOs are different because they take risks, are determined, are focused, and ask for and use the help of quality people

The personal touch raises the customer experience

SMALL BUSINESS (Troy Media) In a world filled with technology, texting, email and snapchats, customers crave real people. We have to show genuine interest in them

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