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The human touch: people squeezed out of the workforce by AI

Artificial intelligence is beginning to tackle critical-thinking jobs. Humans is to focus on skills that machines don’t yet have (FREE)

Saskatoon rightly backs down on anti-bullying bylaw

CALGARY (Troy Media) Legislation of this sort is an ineffective solution to a complicated problem

Butt-out Ontario! Vaping saves lives

CALGARY (Troy Media) Ontario is making a mistake. Replacing cigarettes with vaping reaps health benefits within weeks, even days

Canadian/Iranian antipathy toward free speech only a matter of degree

CALGARY (Troy Media) The current generation of Canadians lacks a principled appreciation of how important freedom of expression is

Calgary sells $100,000 private vehicle to cover parking fine

CALGARY (Troy Media) Impounded vehicle sold while owner in Germany to visit his sick mother

Why we don’t need Internet price controls

CALGARY (Troy Media) The market should determine what Internet access is worth, not government regulators

Supreme Court blocks Quebec’s attempt to indoctrinate students

FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS: Upholds Loyola’s right to teach Catholic ethics

The type of people using steroids may surprise you

FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS: It isn’t only cheating athletes: many are among the best and brightest of our peers