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How to spark entrepreneurship in students

Students should be encouraged to think beyond their own thesis research project and consider other options – such as entrepreneurship – for their career (FREE to members)

While we focus on sexual abuse, we can’t forget power abuse

Power abuse comes in many shapes and sizes. We need to put systems in place to control it (FREE to members)

China’s unsettling leverage over America

(Troy Media) China’s economic, social, political and military growth mean the superpower dynamics are shifting dramatically

How Alberta can deal with the ‘silver tsunami’ health-care crisis

(Troy Media) If the NDP is going to lose the next election, the government should just fall on its sword and introduce a sales tax

Are changes to Canada’s tax code being driven by job churn?

(Troy Media) Soon, half the workforce will be self-employed, compared with 20 per cent now, leading to a considerable loss to our tax base

Medical schools failing to help students develop their careers

EDUCATION/CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Admission into medical school is not a ticket to a successful career. Physicians actually have a higher rate of unemployment than the national average

Putting a higher value on higher learning

EDUCATION: Graduate schools must encourage students to evaluate their competencies and appreciate how those skills will help them pursue non-academic careers