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Small town things city folk just wouldn’t understand

FISHER (Troy Media) We can run to the car or the clothesline in our underwear if necessary, and no one will notice if our husbands pee off the back porch on a summer evening

Dealing with mosquitoes, snakes, skunks (and chickens)

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We often say we don’t need to go away to vacation because everything we need is right here. Unfortunately that includes the pests

Summoning up the courage for the biggest question of all

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The room was silent. All you could hear was the puppy protesting his exclusion from the gathering. But my daughter knew this day was coming

The Farmwife’s confession: a gardener I am not

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) When I married the Farmer and he said he always had a vegetable garden, I bit off a little more than I could chew

Fergus has a shocking experience in the barnyard

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Our puppy was in the barnyard sampling disgusting delicacies and developed a digestive issue. I was up several times a night, changing puppy pads

Our farm a magnet for weary city people

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) People come to smell the honeysuckle, to hear the geese honking their way up the creek, to feed a cow an apple, and to nourish their souls with friends

Canada at age 150 still has some maturing to do

RURAL LIFE: While it’s okay to be a proud Canadian, we need to understand our past, including our misunderstanding of First Nations people

While the Farmer is away, the livestock will play

RURAL LIFE (Troy Media) The animals know they can usually find me at the kitchen sink. So they position themselves across from the kitchen window and stare in order to get my attention

A dad’s power on children is magical

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) You’re the No. 1 man in your child’s life at the beginning and although someone may some day take your place, those formative years are extremely important

The bear will have a tall skinny Americano to go please …

RURAL LIFE (Troy Media) As urban sprawl intensifies, we shouldn’t be too surprised when displaced wildlife decides to take a tour through town on their way to a new place of residence

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