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Discovering the wonder of the off-leash park

FISHER (Troy Media) Once inside the gates, the quarreling stopped as dogs big and small bounded across the green grass side by side

Life lessons from Grandma, gathered over 102 years

FISHER (Troy Media) To the end, she still enjoyed a love story, the occasional chocolate bar and an alcoholic drink (for medicinal purposes!) each day

Hanging up on cellphones in classrooms

FISHER (Troy Media) Check your phones and your fidget spinners at the door – and crack open a good old-fashioned book

The Accidental Farmwife Tribe is worldwide

FISHER (Troy Media) I’m inspired by the farmwives (real or accidental) who have managed to produce something unique and special from their property’s bounty

A warm Canadian welcome to our international guests

FISHER (Troy Media) International homestays for students are a big business that brings revenues to local school boards

Trying to maintain my alpha status with the dog

(Troy Media) I’ve been trained by a puppy. He has me scheduled and orders me to do his bidding with a simple whine

Wasn’t that a party?

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) A great time was had by all, as was evident by the stray pair of underwear discovered on the lawn by the pool the next morning

The new breed of chef is cooking with gas

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The Farmer is already planning his next menu. It will likely be some candied meat dish – or meat stuffed with meat. Vegetarians beware

Small town things city folk just wouldn’t understand

FISHER (Troy Media) We can run to the car or the clothesline in our underwear if necessary, and no one will notice if our husbands pee off the back porch on a summer evening

Dealing with mosquitoes, snakes, skunks (and chickens)

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We often say we don’t need to go away to vacation because everything we need is right here. Unfortunately that includes the pests

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