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If NAFTA collapses, could Cuba help fill the void for Canada?

TAUBE Canada and Cuba already have an established trade relationship, as do Mexico and Cuba, and Canada and Mexico ($$)

Who you calling old?

CAREER INFORMATION All the myths about being washed up at age 60 and a glorification of the retirement years are hogwash

Calgary ready to move mountains to land Amazon HQ2

Hey Amazon. Not saying we’d fight a bear for you … But we totally would

Sick of working for others? Launch a microbusiness

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Helpful tips to doing it right

Show me the money! Downside of counteroffers

(Troy Media) Counteroffers can be deadly. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize it until too late

Anyone can learn to sell

(Troy Media) Some people are extraordinary salespeople. But it’s not because they have an innate knack

Consulting is tougher than you think

(Troy Media) Romantic visions aside, consulting is not all it’s cracked up to be

Four tips for improving your people skills

(Troy Media) Quality people skills are important if you want to be promoted to a management position

Conquer yourself to get ahead

(Troy Media) Stay the course and hold on to your vision, no matter what anyone says about you

Give us our daily (gluten free?) bread

FISHER (Troy Media) I’ve tried giving up wheat to lose a few pounds but I miss it too much when it disappears from my diet

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