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High noon at the Senate

POLITICS (Troy Media) The sleeping giant has only just started to twitch. If that giant is fully awake, the consequences for democracy could be disastrous

Electoral reform by any other name is still progress

POLITICS (Troy Media) Relax party discipline to dent the iron control of a majority government, forcing it to make compromises and behave less like a dictatorship

Are Canadians learning to distrust Trudeau?

POLITICS (Troy Media) The botched electoral reform initiative and the access-for-cash mess highlight a growing disconnect between the voters and the Liberals

Sharing the wealth is the Canadian – and Albertan – way

CALGARY (Troy Media) Wildrose’s attack on equalization payments is based on a skewed view of the program and a lack of respect for the true Alberta perspective

Cracking open Canada’s health-care oyster

CALGARY (Troy Media) Court case in B.C. will force us to look with real clarity at our health system and how it measures up to others around the world

Putting proportional representation to work

This is part 3 in our series Electoral reform explained

CALGARY (Troy Media) The implications of introducing proportional representation to Canada

Pros and cons of the alternative vote to electoral reform

This is part 2 in our series Electoral reform explained

CALGARY (Troy Media) The alternative vote system is definitely on the federal electoral reform table. But would it be a good choice for Canada?

Time to fix the flaws in our electoral system

This is part 1 in our series Electoral reform explained

CALGARY (Troy Media) There is no perfect electoral system. We need to keep that in mind as we embark on a search for a new one

Five reasons why Canadians should thank Stephen Harper

FREE: He also provided a clear reminder that the price of democracy is eternal vigilance

October election could be a dry run for proportional representation

FREE: But Canadian parties may not be able to adapt to the new system if it is introduced

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