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Over-medicating to manage behaviour is damaging and wasteful

It’s time to talk about the overuse of antipsychotics among adults with developmental disabilities

Earlier intervention could help Canadians with autism avoid crises

(Troy Media) More resources in the community and better training for emergency services are needed

Food is medicine where malnutrition and frailty are concerned

(Troy Media) Malnutrition common problem for patients entering health care facilities in Canada – costing the system $2 billion annually

Housing First can curb the high cost of homelessness

(Troy Media) Homelessness costs Canadians big money without addressing the causes

We must rethink our approach to battling opioid abuse

(Troy Media) As fentanyl deaths continue to rise, we cannot continue to pretend that we are on the path to solving this problem

The loudest voices against tax reform are not neutral

(Troy Media) Almost absent in the debate about proposed Canadian changes are any voices defending the idea of tax fairness

High dental fees, lack of access create a health crisis

(Troy Media) Lack of dental care affects more than oral health – it has been linked to cardiovascular and respiratory problems and diabetes

Provincial governments bear the burden of legalized marijuana

(Troy Media) While the Trudeau government will enjoy the political payoff of appearing progressive, all the problems and logistics will fall on the provinces

For colon cancer, the best test is the one you’re willing to do

For colon cancer, the best test is the one you’re willing to do

(Troy Media) New immigrants and those from poorer neighbourhoods screened at lower rates in Canada

Canada Revenue Agency discriminates against PKU sufferers

(Troy Media) The federal government routinely denies the Disability Tax Credit to those who need it – and are eligible by law

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