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If you won’t do it for the planet, do it for the money

NEIMAN (Troy Media) Since the threat of climate change isn’t working, maybe the high cost of driving will persuade more Canadians to change their ways

Time to call out airlines on passenger-bumping policies

NEIMAN (Troy Media) It’s rather odd that journalists have so willingly accepted airlines’ assertion that their policies of overselling seats on flights should be normal

To save the world, save the cyclists

BOOKS (Troy Media) Bicycling is probably doomed by the short-sighted attitudes that raise barriers to people feeling safe in exercising their health and economic choices

A tale of three budgets and difficult decisions

NEIMAN (Troy Media) Only Saskatchewan seems ready to face up to difficult fiscal times; Alberta keeps pinning its hopes on long-gone oil revenue; Ottawa dithers

Do we really need to be on standard time at all?

NEIMAN (Troy Media) The twice-yearly changing of clocks to theoretically make the best of our daylight hours has more drawbacks than gains

Take that, millennials, your culture is already old

NEIMAN (Troy Media) Millennials will recognize their time has passed when they realize their own children know Emma Watson better as Belle than as Hermione

Electoral reform impossible in a system at war with itself

NEIMAN (Troy Media) Is there still a centre in Canada where we can recognize that the greater good stretches beyond personal gain and find compromises?

History repeated in merger of PC and Wildrose parties

NEIMAN (Troy Media) What becomes of the more centrist thinkers in Alberta who believe in a free-enterprise, egalitarian and compassionate government?

Saskatchewan selling health care as a status symbol

NEIMAN (Troy Media) A wealthy person can now boast at cocktail parties about getting that knee replacement fast, thanks to having quick access to an MRI

Skewed perspectives could make for bad policy in 2017

NEIMAN (Troy Media) The Macdonald-Laurier Institute wants us to follow its lead, but its business-as-usual, everything’s-fine conclusions will lead to disaster

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