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Canada’s economic outlook positive, YPO’s Global Pulse confirms

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Rising commodity prices, increased tourism revenue, higher investment and an overall strong economic performance all contributed to the positive outlook

West complicit in North Korea’s 21st-century slave trade

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Hundreds of thousands of World Cup soccer fans will buy tickets to sit in stadiums being built in Russia and Qatar with slave labour

Is Trump’s chaotic presidency in danger of irrelevance?

MICALLEF (Troy Media) The Trump administration came to Washington with an ambitious legislative agenda. But so far, it has largely failed to present concrete legislative programs

Saving the euro: Why Germany must bring back the mark

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Germany must exit the increasingly dysfunctional eurozone to allow its other members to benefit from a cheaper euro

Putin’s risky Syrian gambit is not serving him well

MICALLEF (Troy Media) While former KGB agent Vladimir Putin no longer reports to anyone, that doesn’t mean a demotion might not be in his future

Mystery still swirls around Hitler’s death 72 years later

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Barring the release of some smoking gun document buried in intelligence archives, the question of whether Hitler died in his bunker will probably never be settled

The 100-day dash: how much did Trump accomplish?

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Aggressive foreign policy, mixed domestic policy. But he has moved with force to reverse environmental protections

Looking for lines in the sand in Syria

MICALLEF (Troy Media) What’s troubling is the abrupt manner in which the Trump administration reversed policy on Syria. Assad’s barbarism is not exactly news

Can Russia and the United States be allies?

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Expanded co-operation with the West and an increase in Russia’s role in combatting jihadism would come at a steep price — for both sides

After the fall: the Islamic State’s next chapter

MICALLEF (Troy Media) The collapse of the Islamic State nation will have a profound effect on the organization but it will not eliminate its ongoing presence

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