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Community newspapers feeling the pressure

STEWART (Troy Media) Additional resources, including access to national advertising, needed to ease the time and work crunch – and feed the soul of community papers

The right wing faces off for Alberta

STEWART (Troy Media) Merging the Wildrose and PC parties to create a new right-wing party in Alberta won’t be simple. And are the voters even interested?

An alternative to riding the social bandwagon

STEWART (Troy Media) We’d all be better served by being less obsessed with the nonsense that passes for social discourse in the modern political world

The deep social scars will take a long time to heal

STEWART (Troy Media) How do Canadians wash away the shame of the slaughter of six men in a mosque in Quebec City?

Drawing new lines to assure fairness in politics

STEWART (Troy Media) Albertans have been down the road to electoral boundary reform before – and discovered it led to a swamp

Alberta should make the shift to permanent Central Standard Time

STEWART (Troy Media) That would allow us to enjoy the maximum amount of summer sun but wouldn’t appreciably change our exposure to winter sun

The frenzied barking of dissent without substance

STEWART (Troy Media) A group of about 1,000 Albertans chanting “Lock her up” about Premier Rachel Notley exhibited values that insult the very core of this nation

Albertans shouldn’t be looking south for help

STEWART (Troy Media) Trump wants to shut down oil imports as his country builds energy self-sufficiency, so don’t count on a U.S. solution to our problems

A generation’s remarkable sacrifices

REMEMBRANCE DAY: Those who fought in the Second World War laid the foundation for the vibrant, inclusive country we enjoy today

Alberta health workers failing to protect their clients

HEALTH (Troy Media) Two groups stand out for their failure to be broadly immunized for influenza: seniors and health-care workers

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