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Parliament debating legislation to curb genetic discrimination

POLITICS (Troy Media) While genome analysis can alter the very practice of medicine, there is a fear it can be used to discriminate on the ground of genetic characteristics

HPV vaccine must be given to all Canadian children

HEALTH (Troy Media) Recent statistics show an alarming increase in mouth and throat cancers caused by the human papillomavirus, especially among men

Supreme Court has spoken on assisted dying Mr. Trudeau

FREE FOR MARKETPLACE SUBSCRIBERS: Trudeau government attempts to squirm out of implementing Supreme Court ruling on assisted dying for a suffering few

Anti HPV vaccine article troubling and disappointing

FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS: The risks associated with HPV infection much greater than the risks associated with vaccination

Assisted suicide ruling changes Canada, forever

FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS: Legislating physician-assisted suicide is bound to be difficult, but there are ways to mitigate any adverse consequences