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Why was Naomi Klein invited to Calgary?

CALGARY (Troy Media) Naomi Klein is bringing her ultra-extreme message condemning the evils of the energy industry, but we can still learn from her

Give Albertans a voice in shaping their energy future

CALGARY (Troy Media) Albertans know that change is coming and they want a say in how it will occur

Changing the rules of engagement for Alberta power plants

CALGARY (Troy Media) Accelerating the shutdown of Alberta’s coal-fired generators could penalize consumers

Pulling the plug on Alberta’s rising electricity costs

CALGARY (Troy Media) How we can keep transmission costs in check in a time of economic stress

Market based electricity generation at risk in Alberta

CALGARY (Troy Media) Notley government’s climate change plans jeopardize the province’s deregulated electricity generation model

Innovation in non-renewable energy is happening

CALGARY (Troy Media) Transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables will likely take generations. In the meantime, we need to attract our best and brightest to achieve new frontiers for coal, oil and natural gas