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The secret to a long marriage, Royal or otherwise

The secret to a long marriage, Royal or otherwise

MCEWAN To make wedding wishes come true and wedding vows a reality for the long haul, spouses need to overcome the very human tendency to focus on the self ($$)

Confronting the things that go bump in the night

MCEWAN: There’s nothing inherently evil about the celebration of Halloween in our time

A respectful protest turns into political football

MCEWAN (Troy Media) If NFL owners cave in to public pressure and ban taking a knee, they will only be seen as kneeling to Trump

Waste not, want not? Why we can’t stop embracing consumerism

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Despite the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra, we have embraced a culture of relentless consumption and waste

In search of the Promised Land

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Migration has always been part of the human experience, as people escape natural disasters, drought, famine and/or oppression

Maintaining a sense of purpose in a changing workplace

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) While it is easy to blame globalization for the job losses, the real culprits are increased automation and investment in software

A summer reading list to challenge your perspectives

BOOKS (Troy Media) These authors examine death and dying, love and romance, the immigrant experience and cultural chasms, and the heavy burdens family members must often carry

When in Rome … the value of gestures of respect

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Not only does following St. Ambrose’s advice eliminate cause for offence, it opens eyes to the diversity of belief and practice that informs the lives of others

Brief encounters can change your perspective of others

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Brief encounters, like taxi trips, help us make connections with those whose circumstances and experiences differ from ours, but with whom we share our humanity

Dignity is at the heart of a person’s ability to thrive

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Participants at a poverty reduction summit discover the need for economic security, material and emotional well-being – and to belong and be cherished

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