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Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall leaves a remarkable political legacy

His populist conservative instincts broke new ground in Saskatchewan, making him one of the greatest premiers this nation has known

A tale of two Carolines and their impeccable political pedigrees

TAUBE (Troy Media) Brian Mulroney’s daughter, Caroline, wants to run in the next Ontario election. She shares may characteristics of another Caroline, JFK’s daughter

A tip of the (baseball) cap to Peter Stoffer

TAUBE (Troy Media) The former MP filled the walls of his Parliament Hill office with 8,000 baseball caps, 9,000 pins and 5,000 buttons he’d collected over 18 years

Heroes come in all steps and sizes

TAUBE (Troy Media) Adi Astl took matters into his own hands and built steps down an unsafe pathway in a Toronto Park which the city had been unwilling to build for 10 years

Canada should be preserving history, not erasing it

TAUBE (Troy Media) We must stop this ridiculous trend of renaming edifices and cleansing evidence of people’s existence from history. If not, where will it end?

Khadr apology and settlement shameful

POLITICS (Troy Media) As many Canadians struggle on public assistance,. imagine how they feel as confessed terrorist Omar Khadr gets $10.5 million from the Trudeau government

My Canada does not include Alberta – Trudeau

TAUBE (Troy Media) Forgetting to include Alberta may have been an oversight on Trudeau’s part but it’s now a permanent part of our 150th birthday celebration. And that’s not fake news, folks

Why even freak shows deserve a spotlight

TAUBE (Troy Media) Broadcasting the Alex Jones interview was the right decision. All points of view, no matter how reprehensible, must be open for debate

Why Canada should bring back leadership reviews

TAUBE (Troy Media) Political leaders would have to work more closely with caucuses to ensure loyalty, and make certain the right policies were being implemented

The U.K. general election’s lessons for Canadian politicians

TAUBE (Troy Media) A big lead in the polls doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger majority in Parliament. You must ensure the leader is prepared and your policies have meat on the bone

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