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How I finally made peace with the CFL

TAUBE (Troy Media) I still prefer the NFL to the CFL. But I’ve gained a brand-new appreciation for the Canadian game

Kicking off a Thanksgiving origins debate, Canadian style

TAUBE (Troy Media) The first Thanksgiving was reportedly celebrated in Newfoundland in May 27, 1578, 41 years before the first American celebration

Touchdown! Donald Trump scores in his fight with NFL players

TAUBE (Troy Media) Five easy ways the president will win his battle with NFL players over taking a knee during the U.S. anthem

Canadians need a civics education refresher

TAUBE (Troy Media) Americans are woefully ignorant of basic government functions; Canadians aren’t far behind

Who will NDP members pick as their next leader?

TAUBE (Troy Media) Four distinct candidates offer very different views on how socialism and social democracy will evolve in Canada

Liberals caught with their political pants down

TAUBE (Troy Media) The political narrative has suddenly shifted to how the federal Liberal government is hurting the middle class’s financial future

Trudeau stumbles in the face of caucus controversy

TAUBE (Troy Media) The allegations against Calgary MP Darshan Kang should have been met with quick action by the prime minister. Why weren’t they?

The case against raising Ontario’s minimum wage

POLITICS (Troy Media) While a higher minimum wage benefits workers, it can be detrimental to small and large businesses

How political branding crippled Ezra Levant’s website

TAUBE (Troy Media) Mainstream conservatives avoid any connection with the alt-right label, yet The Rebel has been fascinated with this fringe collective

Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall leaves a remarkable political legacy

His populist conservative instincts broke new ground in Saskatchewan, making him one of the greatest premiers this nation has known

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