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The hardships of Orkney link to Canada’s early days

This is part 2 in our series The Orkney islands

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Displaced from their homes, many citizens of the Orkney islands ended up in Canada working for the Hudson Bay Company

Decoding Orkney by channelling the subtle Norse air

This is part 1 in our series The Orkney islands

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Part 1: A Scottish contribution to Canada’s Arctic genome can be found in the deep history of these remote islands

Calgary’s potential for renaissance can be found in its history

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Here’s how the best of the city’s founders would approach the problem of rebuilding the city

Calgary’s down, but is it out?

ROBINSON (Troy Media)A former Calgarian returns to find empty office space, a battle over a multimillion-dollar hockey rink, and deserted restaurants and hotels

Are we wired to follow our parents’ occupational footsteps?

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Does it even matter what your parents did in their work life?

The world needs a Canadian perspective, steeped in small-town values

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Our store of creative capital, entrepreneurial risk taking, peacekeeping and a welcoming attitude rooted in our small-town history

Canada and the U.S.: A tale of two countries

(Troy Media) Compared to the Americans, we’re showcasing a national unity and sense of purpose that verges on the exemplary

Chaos on the poop deck but the U.S. ship sails on

WORLD (Troy Media) Donald Trump’s vision is myopic and shambolic, but there appears to be only the promise of more of the same in the future

The joyful Zen of a well-tended, bountiful garden

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Having a garden has enriched our diet, our appreciation of the natural world, and our relationships with family, neighbours and guests

B.C.’s Sunshine Coast gets a taste of the raging wildfires

ROBINSON (Troy Media) 70 years of Smokey the Bear and aggressive wildfire suppression efforts filled the forests with a tinder load just waiting to blow

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