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Whether we like it or not, the world is changing

MURPHY: Some of the comfortable assumptions we have been living under are under increasing pressure

The peculiar cult of Che Guevara

MURPHY (Troy Media) Guevara’s primary political instinct was totalitarian, with a propensity to violence

The high-flying rhetoric of the Sputnik scare

MURPHY (Troy Media) Sixty years ago, the Soviets put the first satellite in space, sparking concerns about technology and weapons superiority

The left loses its way in country after country

MURPHY (Troy Media) Populist right-wing parties with surprising sticking power are on the rise

Democratic angst and independence turmoil

MURPHY (Troy Media) In Hillary Clinton’s mind, it’s everyone else’s fault. So she’ll continue to hog centre stage and suck up the political oxygen

John F. Kennedy: an anglophile for all seasons

MURPHY (Troy Media) The storied president was more English than Irish, despite being seen as the ultimate symbol of Irish-American success and social acceptance

Was the Ukrainian Red Famine genocide or incompetence?

MURPHY (Troy Media) Historians are divided on Josef Stalin’s intent in the Ukraine that resulted in millions of deaths. Anne Applebaum’s new book has revived the dispute

Dunkirk and the maligned Belgians

(Troy Media) When disaster comes calling, shifting the blame is generally not too far behind, and war is the perfect setting for laying blame

Diana’s bad bargain and her enduring mythology

HISTORY (Troy Media) While popular opinion may cast her as a victim, it’s hard to imagine that she’d have given Charles a second thought if he wasn’t the Prince of Wales

In search of a personal story thousands of years old

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) DNA-based research will provide you with insight into your ancestral origins, and you might be surprised by what you learn

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