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In search of a personal story thousands of years old

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) DNA-based research will provide you with insight into your ancestral origins, and you might be surprised by what you learn

Out of the closet, slowly and cautiously

Britain’s 1957 Wolfenden Report was the first step towards changing legal and social perspectives on homosexuality in the English-speaking world

Crossroads: the growing Republican divide

BOOKS (Troy Media) Rather than a positive endorsement of their world view, Republican electoral success comes down to a simple rejection of the Democrats

Irish Civil War left long memories and bitter divisions

HISTORY (Troy Media) Ninety years ago this month Irish cabinet minister Kevin O’Higgins was assassinated as payback for his role in the Irish Civil War that ended four years earlier

The Summer of Love was a media event, not a revolution

HISTORY (Troy Media) People across the globe, of all classes, loved the music but could live without the hippy idea, thank you very much

Vive le Quebec libre, 50 years later

HISTORY (Troy Media) There was a swift response to Charles de Gaulle’s intrusion into Canadian affairs during the centennial summer of 50 years ago

Political “wobbles” prove politics really is a blood sport

BOOKS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Theresa May’s recent political “wobble” brings to mind Margaret Thatcher and the 1987 British election, which she won in spite of herself

Amelia Earhart still fascinates but she wasn’t the only female flyer

HISTORY (Troy Media) Beryl Markham and Hanna Reitsch pursued aviation with passion in the early 20th century and took the same kind of risks. But their fates were less mysterious

Meet Ireland’s new power pair

MURPHY (Troy Media) Polar opposites, Leo Varadkar and Arlene Foster together must help the Irish people navigate political and economic minefields

U.K. election ripples could soon be waves

MURPHY (Troy Media) The takeaways from an unexpected result: campaigns matter; two-party politics may be on the way back; unionism is reborn; and Brexit has become more complicated

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