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Why you still subsidize some channels when you pay your cable bill

Little wonder that the CRTC has been the focus of so much public contempt (FREE to subscribers)

A more open CRTC is a great leap forward

The names of Commissioners appointed to public panels will now be made public two weeks prior to the commencement of the hearing

Tuning in to a new Canadian television reality, thanks to Netflix

(Troy Media) As the streaming service pours millions into Canadian productions, the CRTC’s hands-off decision looks inspired

Your bills will go up – but don’t assume an insidious CRTC plot

(Troy Media) The debate over internet, cable and mobile rates is far more complex than the Twitter universe reflects

Ringing the Bell on American ads during Super Bowl broadcasts

(Troy Media) The CRTC, led by its new chairman, is expected to reverse the controversial decision related to simultaneous ad substitution

Finding salvation in the ashes of the daily newspaper business

BUSINESS/NEWS MEDIA (Troy Media) The CBC can be the link to broader success, if it goes ad-free and makes its news content freely available to other news platforms