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Houston, we have a problem

(Troy Media) While scientists are cautious about attributing any particular weather event to global warming, the trend is ominous, particularly as sea levels rise

Ghosts in the machine: U.S. political system is a haunted mess

WORLD (Troy Media) Any system reliant on an electoral college, a politicized Supreme Court, rules that change from state to state and filibusters is seriously flawed

What do we learn from Donald Trump’s election?

WORLD (Troy Media) Follows the rise of nativist and racist political parties in Europe, the devotion to former Toronto mayor Rob Ford and the Brexit vote in Great Britain

Time for Republicans to regain control of their party

CALGARY (Troy Media) Trump’s banner has led them into a dead end mixture of misogyny, racism and simplistic, unworkable policies

The Leap Manifesto forecasts the future’s hard reality

CALGARY (Troy Media) The Leap Manifesto is a blueprint to stop climate change, but at the cost of the Alberta economy

Donald Trump for President? Really?

CALGARY (Troy Media) Trump fans seem to admire his perceived success and huge wealth, even while their own lives are full of stress and fear

Alberta’s royalty review missed the boat

FREE TO MARKETPLACE SUBSCRIBERS: Let’s see where the Notley government went wrong

Alberta’s climate change initiatives don’t go nearly far enough

FREE FOR MARKETPLACE SUBSCRIBERS: Timid decision-making will not pull us away from the brink of catastrophe

Alberta’s climate change plan set up to fail

FREE FOR MARKETPLACE SUBSCRIBERS: Timid leadership dooms the plan to failure

Do we even know how to defeat ISIS?

EXCLUSIVE TO SUBSCRIBERS: What should wise governments do?

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