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Free speech is central to intellectual life, even at university

Free speech is central to intellectual life, even at university

PRICE A report for Yale back in 1975 was clear about how to deal with people who interfere with free speech: suspend them or expel them (PREMIUM membership)

When an academic debate goes off the rails

PRICE Sharing nonconformist ideas shouldn’t be cause for censure, but at Wilfrid Laurier University, that seems to be the case ($$)

Down with textbooks, the pre-digested meal of the academic world

PRICE To read a textbook is to receive a second- or third-rate experience, and third- and fourth-hand knowledge ($$)

The fallacy of modern post-secondary education

PRICE: In the pay-for-play model, students accrue crippling debts to pay for an education. They want what they pay for – even if they didn’t earn it

Remembering teachers: the bad and the good

PRICE (Troy Media) Bad teachers leave a mark. But good teachers can cut through the bad and leave a life-long impression

The endless pursuit of happiness

PRICE (Troy Media) Happiness is found in a life of obligations satisfied and services rendered, of gifts accepted and love reciprocated

Back to school a return to life, with purpose

PRICE (Troy Media) Education is a series of commitments: to trying our best, pushing our intellect, understanding our culture, creating new objects of knowledge and art

Life, not death, the path that leads to the feast

PRICE (Troy Media) The claim that suicide makes life meaningful is bizarre and wrong. Suicide is foremost an evacuation of all meaning and potential

The Ryerson name dilemma a no-choice, no-win situation

PRICE (Troy Media) There’s a need for a greater confrontation of ideas, not less. Sameness, groupthink and orthodoxy are killing us

Without loyalty to one’s own, criticism is simply a destructive weapon

PRICE (Troy Media) A casual scan of academic journals would make an alien reader think Canada is a country committed to genocide and soaked in patriarchal white supremacy

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