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The Ryerson name dilemma a no-choice, no-win situation

PRICE (Troy Media) There’s a need for a greater confrontation of ideas, not less. Sameness, groupthink and orthodoxy are killing us

Without loyalty to one’s own, criticism is simply a destructive weapon

PRICE (Troy Media) A casual scan of academic journals would make an alien reader think Canada is a country committed to genocide and soaked in patriarchal white supremacy

School board kills diversity without consultation

EDUCATION (Troy Media) There are good reasons not to teach To Kill a Mockingbird, but shielding students from racist language is not one of them

Funding arts education path to beauty and understanding

EDUCATION (Troy Media) For Canadian students to aspire to higher things, we must give them the language and knowledge of higher culture

Literature has value, as a mirror and a window

EDUCATION (Troy Media) The best stories help us understand ourselves by triggering introspection, guiding us to new worlds and ideas that exist beyond our normal experiences

Solidarity against Turkey’s anti-democratic thug

PRICE (Troy Media) We all need to speak out. At a time when mob justice is damaging intellectual enterprise, Canadian universities should be a model of inquiry and discourse

The pitfalls of policing what people say and think

PRICE (Troy Media) To argue that writers may not write from the perspective of another culture limits the broader culture’s imagination and understanding

Why grades matter in the education system

PRICE (Troy Media) Grades are markers of success or failure. But grade inflation is creeping in. It’s the distended belly of education, the malnutrition that poisons learning

Stop being boring and read

PRICE (Troy Media) Life without reading is like losing a sensation, like taste – everything’s as bland as batter

Enough talk of “learning styles”, more about learning

PRICE (Troy Media) The theory of different learning styles makes the mistake of moving obstacles out of the student’s way, rather than helping them overcome them

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