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Forest fires torching a province’s economy

KUNIN (Troy Media) The long-term economic impact of the fires ravaging the British Columbia interior – including on the logging and tourism industries – will be devastating

A 21st-century guide to career success

KUNIN (Troy Media) Our hints to help you get started on a successful career in a world of contract, short-term and part-time work and where robots are replacing humans in the workplace

Canada’s next 150 years

KUNIN (Troy Media) In the face of changes and challenges, we can ensure a great future by using the hardiness, bravery and creativity that we have displayed throughout our history

Trudeau government’s hidden tax increases flaunt democracy

KUNIN (Troy Media) The government wants to increase taxes on booze based on the Consumer Price Index, while denying the same right to revenue it provides to Canadians

Three steps to creating your own job

KUNIN (Troy Media) Becoming self-employed or starting a small business has some unique advantages: you can’t be laid off and there’s no ceiling on how much income you can make

Can B.C. put integrity and effectiveness ahead of petty politics?

KUNIN (Troy Media) Can B.C.’s newly-elected MLAs make something positive out of the minority government mess that appears to be awaiting the province?

The hard facts on B.C.’s softwood lumber dilemma

KUNIN (Troy Media) It’s time B.C. pushed hard to diversify its economy, improved its infrastructure, and looked for new and stable markets for its lumber products

The unsteady foundation of basic income proposals

KUNIN (Troy Media) Many people, especially seniors, could see a drop in their incomes under a guaranteed annual income

Beware of politicians bearing (election) gifts

KUNIN (Troy Media) Candidates tie themselves in knots dangling a return to the good old days. Unfortunately, the past doesn’t offer any solutions to our problems

When a degree isn’t enough to get you a job

KUNIN (Troy Media) An entry-level job teaches many things you don’t learn in school: getting to work on time; getting along; dealing with deadlines and customers

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