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Zundel’s foul legacy of persistent, organized hatred

KINSELLA (Troy Media) We must never forget. We must never falter. We must never stop fighting the purveyors of hate and lies

Will Trudeau finally pay the price for his arrogance?

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Indigenous leaders were upset about Trudeau’s comments about his boxing match with Patrick Brazeau. Some called him arrogant; others, racist

Punk queen Exene Cervenka embraces Trump

WORLD (Troy Media) Exene Cervenka embodies a growing constituency in the United States which believes nothing emanating from government or the media is true

Canadians behaving badly abroad, without consequences

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Prominent Canadians who act like jackasses or commit crimes while in other countries shouldn’t be rewarded when they come home

A grand Trump strategy at work? Don’t count on it

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Trump Jr. has now handed Robert Mueller, the special counsel probing all of this Trump-Russia stuff, the proverbial smoking gun

Braying and screeching, Alberta style

POLITICS (Troy Media) The outsized Alberta reaction to Justin Trudeau forgetting that province is a prairie-style butt truffle. It’s stupid and it’s meaningless

Trudeau Liberals missing in action on Canada Day

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Unless you live in the Ottawa region, you can be forgiven for wondering what the federal government did with your tax dollars on July 1, 2017

The irresistible, undeniable, overwhelming lure of Trudeau

KINSELLA (Troy Media) The top 10 reasons why you can’t bet against Trudeau, the best option for Canadians, to win the next election

Unrepentant as he unravels, Trump is surely done

POLITICS (Troy Media) The president just couldn’t keep his mouth shut – and his thumbs away from Twitter – and now it seems certain he will be drummed out of office

Prying back the lid on corruption

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Trump, in a few short weeks, has metastasized into a cancer on the institution of the presidency and shredded the reputation of the U.S. around the globe

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