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If NAFTA collapses, could Cuba help fill the void for Canada?

TAUBE Canada and Cuba already have an established trade relationship, as do Mexico and Cuba, and Canada and Mexico ($$)

Amazon and the slow death of the traditional grocery store

The Amazon effect has Loblaws and others reimagining their businesses. Consumers will have greater choice and convenience – from their homes (FREE)

While we focus on sexual abuse, we can’t forget power abuse

Power abuse comes in many shapes and sizes. We need to put systems in place to control it (FREE to members)

Future work: intelligence everywhere but few humans on the job

The next decade will see unprecedented changes in the workforce. Jobs will vanish and new jobs won’t at all resemble those they replace (FREE)

Why leaders should watch their body language

GOMAN Leaders must understand how nonverbal skills can help them develop positive business relationships (FREE to members)

Physician, heal yourself – or at least your attitude

MACFADYEN It’s time both doctors and front-line staff began to reflect the kind of compassionate care we deserve and should expect ($$)

On board but not bored: why committee work makes a difference

ROBINSON The best boards reflect Canada’s diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, language, regionality, background and enthusiasm for the cause ($$)

Why Saskatchewan’s Meadow Lake pulp mill was doomed

How the Saskatchewan government’s predatory lending practices doomed the Meadow Lake pulp mill (FREE)

Finding the niche that will make your business successful

FULLER You can’t be all things to all people, but you can be exceptional. Find the market, product and service that suit you and your customers (FREE to members)

Trudeau’s Asian trip a diplomatic and trade disaster

Trudeau’s Asian trip a diplomatic and trade disaster

DI MUCCIO The PM had a chance to join a global effort to protect Canadian research and innovation, but he failed. And that wasn’t his only failure ($$)

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