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Divide and conquer: how to deal with harsh criticism

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We have a tendency to fixate on the most devastating of critiques, rather than focusing on the ones that offer honest, objective and useful feedback

How to influence people – and avoid headaches

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Bashing noggins isn’t the best way to deliver a message. Become a better business operator by understanding why your staff behave the way they do

Why listening, really listening, is so difficult

CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Experts say that the average person actually remembers a fraction of what is said to them

The secret sauce of effective leadership

CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) If you want to be evaluated as authoritative, understand what’s at stake in any situation and adjust your body language accordingly

When a degree isn’t enough to get you a job

KUNIN (Troy Media) An entry-level job teaches many things you don’t learn in school: getting to work on time; getting along; dealing with deadlines and customers

Tips to finding a good (business) story to tell

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Stories are a compact way to communicate vividly, practically and persuasively

Don’t be seduced by high starting salary

CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Newly minted college grads make the mistake of jumping at any company dangling a high salary and attractive benefits package

Putting a higher value on higher learning

EDUCATION: Graduate schools must encourage students to evaluate their competencies and appreciate how those skills will help them pursue non-academic careers

Trust yourself to make a leap of (informed) faith

WOOD (Troy Media) Your skill as a decision-maker depends on your willingness to make a mistake and manage a level of risk

Valuing motherhood advances women’s rights

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The plight of the North American woman is that she can be all she wants to be, just don’t bring motherhood into the picture

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