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Smiles are your secret to success

CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Want to brighten your mood, make a lasting impression, encourage collaboration, and positively influence others? Then smile

Wrestling with your “Dark Side” and winning

CAREER INFORMAITON (Troy Media) Having shortcomings is not the problem – as humans we all have them. The problem is not knowing what they are

The challenge of talking about caregiving at work

CAREGIVING (Troy Media) Developing a language that meaningfully resonates with our experiences is an essential step toward creating and leveraging social support

Help! My boss is a hopeless nincompoop

CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Learning to adjust could be a career-enhancing experience. Incredible as it seems, your boss’s ineptitude could be a blessing

Tips for terminating employees with dignity

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Most managers, regardless of level, handle the uncomfortable task of terminating employees badly

A 21st-century guide to career success

KUNIN (Troy Media) Our hints to help you get started on a successful career in a world of contract, short-term and part-time work and where robots are replacing humans in the workplace

Medical schools failing to help students develop their careers

EDUCATION/CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Admission into medical school is not a ticket to a successful career. Physicians actually have a higher rate of unemployment than the national average

Taking your first steps up the management ladder

CAREER INFORMATION/HR (Troy Media) Leaders who advance to a new echelon often underestimate the challenges they are about to confront

What to do when the boss is the problem

CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to deal with a truly difficult boss is to seek a change of employment

ADHD can stall your career

HEALTH/CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Millions of people are walking around unaware they suffer attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, or how it affects their live and careers

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