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Sick of working for others? Launch a microbusiness

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Helpful tips to doing it right

Why IBM brought remote workers back to the office

GOMAN (Troy Media) And why your company may be next

Show me the money! Downside of counteroffers

(Troy Media) Counteroffers can be deadly. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize it until too late

Older workers have a unique gift – experience

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) An age-diverse workplace allows those just starting out to be exposed to more experienced workers

When leaders talk with their hands

GOMAN (Troy Media) If a speaker’s gestures are not in full agreement with the spoken words, the audience perceives duplicity

Do you suffer from a false sense of no confidence?

WOOD (Troy Media) Remember, confidence is a process not a product. Allow the journey to begin

Anyone can learn to sell

(Troy Media) Some people are extraordinary salespeople. But it’s not because they have an innate knack

Consulting is tougher than you think

(Troy Media) Romantic visions aside, consulting is not all it’s cracked up to be

Four tips for improving your people skills

(Troy Media) Quality people skills are important if you want to be promoted to a management position

Conquer yourself to get ahead

(Troy Media) Stay the course and hold on to your vision, no matter what anyone says about you