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Don’t let fake jobs put you in debt

Protect your financial health and your bank balance by staying alert to scams

8 tips for collaborative leadership

It’s not just corporate profits that suffer when collaboration is low: the workforce loses something too

Pipeline construction would boost government revenues

And employment in the in the oil sands industry to over 900,000 by 2035

10 characteristics of a successful modern business leader

Character is assuming rising importance

The myth of Harper’s job creation record

1.3 million Canadians are unemployed, youth unemployment is persistently high and 3 million people live in poverty

Politics trumps evidence in Ontario’s decision to hike minimum wage

Ontario’s youth and most vulnerable workers will pay the price for Premier Wynne’s decision

Why you should reach out and touch someone

The simple act of touching adds the personal warmth to our business communications

Living wage laws don’t help the most vulnerable

72 per cent of workers benefitting from such a law were not poor

Labour shortages not about a shortage of workers

The mismatch actually reflects the pool of available skills and what employers seek when looking to fill vacant positions

There is plenty of work out there

But not that many jobs