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Regulating marijuana is a fool’s errand

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) The good news: an absurd prohibition on pot is about to end. The bad news: the Trudeau government has tied itself in knots

The deep social scars will take a long time to heal

STEWART (Troy Media) How do Canadians wash away the shame of the slaughter of six men in a mosque in Quebec City?

The day the United States of America died

KINSELLA (Troy Media) The United States died on Dec. 14, 2012 when a man gunned down 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School and nothing was done to stop it from happening again

The slings and arrows of (political) misfortune

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Justin Trudeau’s mistake wasn’t being a passenger on Air Aga Khan. It was hanging out with a billionaire, and then trying to keep it a big secret

Curfews are no substitute for good parenting

RED DEER (Troy Media) It’s a waste of time chasing children and hauling them home – wayward kids need better outlets and parents who can control them

Blinded by hate, consumed by injustice

RED DEER (Troy Media) Violence begets violence, and when the sides are identified by race or religion our impulses for revenge harden

Islamic State is a big business machine

PORTLAND (Troy Media) Despite vast revenue sources – from taxes to extortion to the sale of antiquities to ramsom – the terrorist group faces a cash crunch

Punishing someone for who they are perverse

LEICESTER (Troy Media) Religion implicated in homophobia that led to the killings in Orlando

Islamic State “celebrates” its second birthday

PORTLAND: A resilient and adaptive organization continues to change as it expands into new criminal ventures

There’s just one reason why Orlando hasn’t happened here

TORONTO (Troy Media) Unlike in the United States, Canada has not elevated gun ownership to a state religion

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