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Solving the identity theft puzzle will take teamwork

Solving the identity theft puzzle will take teamwork

Collaboration among business and all levels of government can mean more secure transactions and a significant drop in identity theft (FREE to subscribers)

Facing up to the harsh truth about the Islamic State

Facing up to the harsh truth about the Islamic State

The IS brand of Islam institutionalizes sexism, misogyny, homophobia, racism, sectarianism and slavery. It’s a barbaric credo (FREE!)

The technology trap: only the vigilant will survive

CYBER SECURITY: A lack of care can be catastrophic in the cyber world (just ask Equifax). And the lessons learned apply to us all

Looking past the symbols to see the real perpetrators of evil

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) To be truly inclusive and open, we must recognize that acts of terror aren’t about race or religion, they’re about evil individuals

Is justice pricing really justice or just plain hate?

(Troy Media) This isn’t a time for Canadians to be segregating each other, or rushing to put themselves and their neighbours into hyphenated categories

NFL star’s racism narrative falling apart

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett’s claims that Vegas cops took him down because of his colour refuted by video evidence

The Internet’s dark side has made cybersecurity essential

(Troy Media) Modern monsters take the shape of cyber attacks, email hacking, Internet fraud, cyber bullying, political instability, identity theft, viruses and much more

U.S. soft on inappropriate sexual student/teacher relationships

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) School boards, teacher’s unions reluctant to act against teacher predators

O.J. Simpson’s legacy of perverse justice

CRIME (Troy Media) With his imminent release in October, one wonders if O.J. Simpson will resume his search for the “real killers” of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman

Missing women, evil men: inquiry must examine both

POLITICS (Troy Media) Far too many aboriginal men insist on locking themselves and their families in a deadly prison of dependence, alcohol, abuse and violence

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