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Shaping our future through public education

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Society must invest its time, energy and resources in children so they can lead us into a bright and exciting future

In-class activism replacing real education

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) Activist “teachers” are no longer teaching children how to think, but what to think. Is that what we want for our children?

Teacher’s ‘me too’ clause puts Alberta in a fiscal squeeze

EDUCATION: The stakes in collective bargaining sessions remain high. Alberta faces a $10.3-billion budget deficit with more big deficits planned

Are Canada’s public schools truly for everyone?

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) The Saskatchewan ruling gives provinces the impetus to explore the alternatives to forcing children, against their parents’ will, into secular public education

Misconceptions threaten funding for B.C. independent schools

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Removing partial public funding for independent schools based on a series of misconceptions does nothing to improve education

NB needs a better funding formula for low-income students

EDUCATION (Troy Media) The experience across Canada suggests little correlation between tuition rates and post-secondary education participation among low-income persons

Western culture’s paralyzing crisis of confidence

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) University students are increasingly intolerant and, indoctrinated with a poisonous cocktail of negativity, taught that western civilization is immoral

Why grades matter in the education system

PRICE (Troy Media) Grades are markers of success or failure. But grade inflation is creeping in. It’s the distended belly of education, the malnutrition that poisons learning

A reminder of the value of an inclusive education system

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) Malala Yousafzai brings to the House of Commons a much-needed perspective on issues of inclusion in education

Slowing the corporatization of education

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Corporatization has captured the university because the humanities have lost their sense of public purpose

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