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The personal quest for knowledge should never end

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) Curiosity is the one human attribute that should always be indulged and stimulated

Facing up to tragedy and injustice is the first step to healing

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) What if your children were taken to a place far away where they would cry themselves to sleep every night?

Ontario’s free post-secondary initiative deserves to be emulated

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) By making free tuition available to low-income students, Ontario is making a significant investment in its economic future

Toppling the misperceptions about home-schooling

(Troy Media) Home-schooling successes show that parents and kids can be far more responsible for decisions about their education than imagined

Are we wired to follow our parents’ occupational footsteps?

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Does it even matter what your parents did in their work life?

Back to school, back to uncontrolled government spending

(Troy Media) Canadian education spending facts belie misguided perceptions about public school funding

Spending on B.C. public schools up despite dwindling enrolment

(Troy Media) Per-student spending is up, flying in the face of claims that education funding has been slashed or that B.C. schools are starved for resources

Measuring Canada’s history and those who helped make us great

(Troy Media) It’s a conceit of every generation that they alone are free from poor judgments, intellectual shortcomings and historical myopia

Despite overheated claims, Alberta public schools aren’t under-funded

(Troy Media) Even after adjusting for inflation, the government is spending substantially more per student in the province’s public schools than a decade ago

Starting the new school year off right

WOOD (Troy Media) The best way to help your child is by connecting with their teachers and treating them with respect