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Ontarians pay a high price for power system mess

POLITICS (Troy Media) Years of government mismanagement of the power sector must be corrected or families will continue to suffer

A measured, rational response to climate change is possible

ENVIRONMENT (Troy Media) The risks can be managed using conventional policies, engineering, and research and development – and without all the hysteria

B.C.’s Sunshine Coast gets a taste of the raging wildfires

ROBINSON (Troy Media) 70 years of Smokey the Bear and aggressive wildfire suppression efforts filled the forests with a tinder load just waiting to blow

Barring the gates is no long-term solution for our parks

FIRBY (Troy Media) The popularity of Canada’s parks and protected areas is creating problems that will require more than simply banning people to solve

Environmental propaganda masks positive reality

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) Al Gore, David Suzuki and others would rather scare our children than tell them about the valuable contributions Canada makes every day to protect our planet

Changing behaviour is only one aim of carbon taxes

POLITICS (Troy Media) A carbon tax used to subsidize alternate energy sources will accelerate the transition away from fossil fuel dependence

Trudeau’s carbon-pricing fixation out of step with Canadians

POLITICS (Troy Media) There’s growing evidence Canadians don’t like carbon taxes and are realizing they’re not the efficient and economically benign eco-tax sold by politicians

B.C. government’s pipeline paranoia putting safety at risk

ENVIRONMENT/POLITICS (Troy Media) Despite the rhetoric of pipeline opponents, real world data shows that oil can be moved safely and less expensively by pipeline, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Canadians’ US$38-million-a-day gift to Americans

POLITICS/BUSINESS (Troy Media) Failure to build pipelines leaves us with no choice but to sell our oil to the U.S. at cheap prices, leaving it to sell its own oil at the international price

Driving the next wave of clean resource innovation

BUSINESS/ENVIRONMENT (Troy Media) If Ottawa is serious about clean energy, the bureaucrats and politicians pulling the levers would do well to learn about CRIN and its potential

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