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Trudeau, Notley said yes to pipelines, while really meaning no

(Troy Media) While telling people that they understand the importance of the pipelines, Notley and Trudeau piled up the regulatory bricks to ensure they were not viable

Energy’s uphill battle even tougher in era of willful ignorance

(Troy Media) Being energy-ignorant is almost fashionable in certain circles

Time to question foreign influence on Canada’s oil debate

(Troy Media) The Dogwood Initiative, Leadnow, and Greenpeace receive substantial funding from a U.S. advocacy group called Tides

The death of the carbon tax revenue neutrality myth

Without B.C.’s revenue-neutral tax as a template, other provinces are free to indulge in foolish green fund spending orgies

Pipeline opponents ignore risk of rail fatalities, contamination

(Troy Media) Those who fight pipelines and shrug at the higher risks of rail transportation are naive at best and deceitful at worst

Safeguarding public confidence in B.C.’s forest management

(Troy Media) The Association of BC Forest Professionals helps ensure that B.C.’s forests are well managed

The coffee industry is getting roasted by climate change

(Troy Media) That’s not java jive: shifting weather patterns mean the industry faces major upheaval within a generation, even as demand explodes

Suzuki falsely accuses Canada of having poor air quality

(Troy Media) The environmental activist’s reflexive accusations reveal a poor understanding of the data

Waste not, want not? Why we can’t stop embracing consumerism

MCEWAN (Troy Media) Despite the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra, we have embraced a culture of relentless consumption and waste

Ontario, Alberta carbon tax schemes defy economic common sense

(Troy Media) Carbon taxes should replace, not add to, existing environmental regulations and subsidies