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Over-medicating to manage behaviour is damaging and wasteful

It’s time to talk about the overuse of antipsychotics among adults with developmental disabilities

The short-circuit in Ontario’s manufacturing sector

The province’s high electricity prices – driven by wrong-headed policies – are responsible for a staggering 75,000 manufacturing job losses

Five ways small business is taking a tax blow to the head

Wouldn’t it be better to encourage small business ownership than punish it?

Trudeau can pull Wynne to victory in Ontario

The last thing the federal Liberals can afford is to sit on the sidelines in Ontario in June. A provincial voter swing could portend federal calamity

Whether we like it or not, the world is changing

MURPHY: Some of the comfortable assumptions we have been living under are under increasing pressure

We don’t know how Netflix will boost Canadian filmmaking

But it is refreshing that the federal government is looking to a private company to generate competitive content

A more open CRTC is a great leap forward

The names of Commissioners appointed to public panels will now be made public two weeks prior to the commencement of the hearing

NAFTA’s demise would force agri-food sector to adapt

(Troy Media) Blame Washington all you want for the NAFTA impasse, but Canada has not demonstrated it wants to liberalize its trading position either

More mortgage red tape could hurt homebuyers

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions wants to further stiffen the guidelines for those who put 20 per cent or more down when purchasing a home

Earlier intervention could help Canadians with autism avoid crises

(Troy Media) More resources in the community and better training for emergency services are needed

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