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Calgary’s down, but is it out?

ROBINSON (Troy Media)A former Calgarian returns to find empty office space, a battle over a multimillion-dollar hockey rink, and deserted restaurants and hotels

Alberta’s disastrous fall from fiscal grace

(Troy Media) In just 12 years, the province’s net financial position will have deteriorated by a staggering $80 billion

How Alberta can deal with the ‘silver tsunami’ health-care crisis

(Troy Media) If the NDP is going to lose the next election, the government should just fall on its sword and introduce a sales tax

Another Trudeau turns on Western Canada

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) Justin risks a similar fate to his father’s if he also allows the radical wing of his party to undermine the economy

Another blow to pipeline projects in Canada

(Troy Media) The NEB plans to judge a project on the greenhouse gas emissions of the people who produce the oil, as well as those who eventually consume it

High dental fees, lack of access create a health crisis

(Troy Media) Lack of dental care affects more than oral health – it has been linked to cardiovascular and respiratory problems and diabetes

Despite overheated claims, Alberta public schools aren’t under-funded

(Troy Media) Even after adjusting for inflation, the government is spending substantially more per student in the province’s public schools than a decade ago

Alberta a black hole for private sector jobs

(Troy Media) The province’s overall score on labour market performance is in the bottom half of North American jurisdictions

The search for Trans Mountain’s 15,000 construction jobs

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Why would elected officials promote a construction jobs figure six times Kinder Morgan’s actual number?

Should equalization really grow forever?

POLITICS (Troy Media) A rule requiring payments to grow – no matter what the circumstances – can only exacerbate regional friction

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