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Staking out the moral high ground in the energy debate

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Othering can help understand energy discourse in Canada – and its tension and polarization – in a sector where natural sciences sensibilities ought to prevail

Show us Alberta’s plan to balance the budget

POLITICS (Troy Media) By placing its hopes on future revenue growth, the government is risking the province’s fiscal and economic health

Alberta stuck on a dangerous spending treadmill

POLITICS (Troy Media) Notley’s NDP government is showing too much of Rob Rae’s spending mentality and not enough of Roy Romanow’s fiscal restraint

Oil price instability a wakeup call for Alberta

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) The province’s undercapitalized and underperforming technology sector could, if adequately supported, deliver above-average returns for 20 or more years

Teacher’s ‘me too’ clause puts Alberta in a fiscal squeeze

EDUCATION: The stakes in collective bargaining sessions remain high. Alberta faces a $10.3-billion budget deficit with more big deficits planned

It’s time for a cross-country, face-to-face energy conversation

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The petroleum sector needs to move in synch with changing societal expectations. And Canadians will be surprised to discover how far the sector has progressed

Adapting to life in post-recession Alberta

BUSINESS (Troy Media) We might be on the cusp of a transformative wave that will reshape the future of work, but that’s not all doom and gloom

Trust the Trojan Rig in the fight for the minds of Canadians

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The big challenge is convincing Canadians to be courageous enough to take off the blinkers that have so effectively sidelined them to date

Modernizing labour laws could set Alberta up for economic success

ALBERTA POLITICS (Troy Media) The mark of a dynamic economy with flexible labour laws is one where employers and workers can quickly and easily respond to market changes

Why don’t Canadian fund managers invest in their own country?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Why do Canadian governments look for investment help abroad? And why won’t Canadian fund managers invest in homegrown projects?

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