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Giving oil discounts or taking liberties with details?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The majority of oil produced in Canada is by companies with integrated operations in the U.S. There is no ‘captive market’ and no ‘discount’ because of it

Alberta is the engine that drives Canadian growth

POLITICS (Troy Media) What would Canada’s economy and public finances look like without Alberta? It wouldn’t be pretty

Canadians’ US$38-million-a-day gift to Americans

POLITICS/BUSINESS (Troy Media) Failure to build pipelines leaves us with no choice but to sell our oil to the U.S. at cheap prices, leaving it to sell its own oil at the international price

Driving the next wave of clean resource innovation

BUSINESS/ENVIRONMENT (Troy Media) If Ottawa is serious about clean energy, the bureaucrats and politicians pulling the levers would do well to learn about CRIN and its potential

Braying and screeching, Alberta style

POLITICS (Troy Media) The outsized Alberta reaction to Justin Trudeau forgetting that province is a prairie-style butt truffle. It’s stupid and it’s meaningless

Western Canadian silence will hurt our trade opportunities, again

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Oh, the irony! With their withdrawal from the TPP, and after doing all the hard work, the Americans are handing us their market share under TPP 11

My Canada does not include Alberta – Trudeau

TAUBE (Troy Media) Forgetting to include Alberta may have been an oversight on Trudeau’s part but it’s now a permanent part of our 150th birthday celebration. And that’s not fake news, folks

How the energy industry can reimagine itself

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Blockchain could influence the way the energy sector does things, from extraction and production processes to financing and transactions

Mourning an Alberta publishing icon

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Ruth Kelly understood she had a unique responsibility: to cheerlead and promote but also to criticize constructively and objectively

Squeezing Alberta beer drinkers for more money

The discriminatory tax on out-of-province beer was always about more government revenue. The protectionist talk about helping Alberta brewers was diversionary

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