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Big spending, big problems on the horizon for B.C. government

(Troy Media) Despite the promise of yet more new programs to come, there’s actually little room in the budget for more spending

B.C. budget abandons any hope for efficient carbon tax

(Troy Media) Subsidizing green projects with revenue from carbon taxes may be politically popular but it’s fundamentally misguided policy

Spending on B.C. public schools up despite dwindling enrolment

(Troy Media) Per-student spending is up, flying in the face of claims that education funding has been slashed or that B.C. schools are starved for resources

B.C.’s new government heads for a familiar debt trap

KUNIN (Troy Media) The New Democrats offer up a significant and impressive list of expenditures, with no clear plan how it will pay for them

Another Trudeau turns on Western Canada

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) Justin risks a similar fate to his father’s if he also allows the radical wing of his party to undermine the economy

B.C. government: public transit too risky for children

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) By sending his children to school on public transit in Vancouver, Adrian Cook ran afoul of the provincial government’s nanny state mentality

B.C.’s new business as usual: political and economic uncertainty

POLITICS (Troy Media) NDP election win prompts waves of uncertainty that threaten investment and economic growth in B.C.

The unintended, and painful, consequences of a $15 minimum wage

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) A government-mandated increase in the price of low-skilled labour tends to lead employers to reduce their labour force

The search for Trans Mountain’s 15,000 construction jobs

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Why would elected officials promote a construction jobs figure six times Kinder Morgan’s actual number?

Should equalization really grow forever?

POLITICS (Troy Media) A rule requiring payments to grow – no matter what the circumstances – can only exacerbate regional friction

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