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B.C. must develop a stronger corporate head office presence

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Success on growing more locally-based companies and attracting firms from elsewhere would produce sizable economic dividends for the province

Forest fires torching a province’s economy

KUNIN (Troy Media) The long-term economic impact of the fires ravaging the British Columbia interior – including on the logging and tourism industries – will be devastating

Canadians’ US$38-million-a-day gift to Americans

POLITICS/BUSINESS (Troy Media) Failure to build pipelines leaves us with no choice but to sell our oil to the U.S. at cheap prices, leaving it to sell its own oil at the international price

Discovering an island of mummucknees in Nuchatlitz

This is part 3 in our series Paddling along B.C's outer edge

TRAVEL (Troy Media) When Capt. James Cook first arrived in this region, the Mowachaht were also surprised that the white men lived without women. “How was that, people wondered?”

Western Canadian silence will hurt our trade opportunities, again

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Oh, the irony! With their withdrawal from the TPP, and after doing all the hard work, the Americans are handing us their market share under TPP 11

Paddling along B.C’s outer edge

This is part 2 in our series Paddling along B.C's outer edge

TRAVEL (Troy Media) Nuchatlitz offers a shallow lagoon system, dotted with islands, encircled by rocks and pinnacles with names like Danger Rock, Nuchatlitz Reef and Blind Reef

B.C. Greens should support Site C dam, for all British Columbians

POLITICS (Troy Media) Aboriginal rights are extremely important but, like any Charter right, they’re not absolute. They must be balanced against other competing critical interests

Small Green Party may wield big power in B.C

POLITICS (Troy Media) Voters of smaller parties are empowered disproportionately in minority governments, at the expense of the majority of voters, who tend to vote for a main party

Reliving our past, aboard kayaks

This is part 1 in our series Paddling along B.C's outer edge

TRAVEL (Troy Media) We’re heading out on a lengthy kayaking expedition once again, 20 years after our paddles last broke water and we slept under canvas on a remote beach

The shift away from public schools in B.C.

EDUCATION (Troy Media) B.C. policy-makers would be wise to take note that independent school enrolment is increasing and public school numbers are down

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