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Another Trudeau turns on Western Canada

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) Justin risks a similar fate to his father’s if he also allows the radical wing of his party to undermine the economy

A vision for a booming, vital Manitoba

POLITICS (Troy Media) By narrowing government’s role in the economy, a new policy direction can kick-start growth and make the province a mecca for people and investment

Western Canadian silence will hurt our trade opportunities, again

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Oh, the irony! With their withdrawal from the TPP, and after doing all the hard work, the Americans are handing us their market share under TPP 11

University of Manitoba succumbs to politically correct nonsense

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Why is the university pretending indigenous knowledge and science are the equivalent of our written knowledge base? Why are they allowing this farce to unfold?

Levelling the playing field for newspapers in Canada

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Canadian newspaper publishers asked for federal help only after failing to get changes in taxation, copyright and other areas that would level the playing field

We’re neglecting our responsibility to kids in care

HEALTH (Troy Media) Why do we expect youth with the complex traumas associated with growing up in care to stand alone? Supporting young people to 25 years of age is essential

Uncertainty discouraging mining investment in Canada

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Spending on exploration – the lifeblood of the industry – dropped for the fourth consecutive year and is at its lowest point since 2005

What happens when a retail giant flexes its muscles

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Walmart and Visa face off in a battle over transaction fees that could dramatically alter the retail food landscape in this country

Political change? Nowhere in the Canadian breezes

TORONTO (Troy Media) If you hold power now, chances are you will continue to do so

Why Manitoba needs to invest in its children

WINNIPEG (Troy Media) Unless troublesome infant mortality rates and the number of children in care are addressed, Manitoba’s economic productivity will lag

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