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Uncertainty discouraging mining investment in Canada

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Spending on exploration – the lifeblood of the industry – dropped for the fourth consecutive year and is at its lowest point since 2005

What happens when a retail giant flexes its muscles

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Walmart and Visa face off in a battle over transaction fees that could dramatically alter the retail food landscape in this country

Political change? Nowhere in the Canadian breezes

TORONTO (Troy Media) If you hold power now, chances are you will continue to do so

Why Manitoba needs to invest in its children

WINNIPEG (Troy Media) Unless troublesome infant mortality rates and the number of children in care are addressed, Manitoba’s economic productivity will lag

Brandon University’s skewed definition of free speech

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Students for Life can have its club status back when its members are ready to embrace the campus-approved views

Record debt levels threaten the West’s farming industry

CALGARY (Troy Media) The increase in farm debt is raising questions about the future viability of this vital industry

The second coming of the Dirty Thirties

HALIFAX (Troy Media) A new study shows just how devastating global warming will be on the Canadian Prairies’ ability to feed the world

Could hydroelectric power save the oilsands?

CALGARY (Troy Media) While, from a cost perspective, it makes more sense to use natural gas to generate electricity for the oilsands, the political climate has changed

Loss of Ontario cropland exaggerated

GUELPH, CALGARY (Troy Media) Ontario cropland has increased since the 1950s, while farming efficiency also improved

Alcohol use in pregnancy part of a complex set of issues

FREE: Expecting quick fixes for reducing alcohol use in pregnancy is unrealistic

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