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Gasoline price-fixing harms Atlantic Canada

POLITICS (Troy Media) Controls were intended to ease consumer anger over rare but large price fluctuations. But government isn’t meant to be an anger management therapist

A Canadian delicacy claws its way back into the market

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Lobster is so popular these days, McDonald’s ditched its McLobster due to higher prices. Still, things are looking up for the ‘chicken of the sea’

Minimum wage prices low-skilled workers out of a job

POLITICS (Troy Media) Governments should abolish the fruitless minimum wage if they want to do right by young and low-income persons

New Brunswickers should raise a glass to Gerard Comeau

POLITICS (Troy Media) New Brunswick has finally lowered its beer prices after a court challenge over punitive provincial trade barriers to the movement of alcohol. But the fight is far from over

Lowering costs, not raising wages, key to helping low-income earners

POLITICS (Troy Media) Remove trade barriers, end supply management and reduce payroll taxes – don’t hike minimum wages – if you really want to address income discrepancies in Canada

Mapping the route to more effective health care

HEALTH (Troy Media) To improve value and spur innovation, we need to change the way we pay for health care by encouraging those providers who experiment and innovate

Atlantic Canada’s golden opportunity for American immigration

POLITICS (Troy Media) Tell them Atlantic Canada is building, and that they will be key players in the growth of Canada’s most beautiful region as it prepares for the 21st century

NB needs a better funding formula for low-income students

EDUCATION (Troy Media) The experience across Canada suggests little correlation between tuition rates and post-secondary education participation among low-income persons

City-bound: the changing face of New Brunswick

POLITICS (Troy Media) As population declines outside of the province’s big three centres continues, it should force a rethink on how to nurture growth in rural areas

N.B. on its way to building a more inclusive democracy

POLITICS (Troy Media) Electoral reform recommendations seek to build a bigger democratic tent and populate it with under-represented New Brunswickers

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