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Gasoline price-fixing harms Atlantic Canada

POLITICS (Troy Media) Controls were intended to ease consumer anger over rare but large price fluctuations. But government isn’t meant to be an anger management therapist

A Canadian delicacy claws its way back into the market

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Lobster is so popular these days, McDonald’s ditched its McLobster due to higher prices. Still, things are looking up for the ‘chicken of the sea’

Minimum wage prices low-skilled workers out of a job

POLITICS (Troy Media) Governments should abolish the fruitless minimum wage if they want to do right by young and low-income persons

Atlantic Canada’s golden opportunity for American immigration

POLITICS (Troy Media) Tell them Atlantic Canada is building, and that they will be key players in the growth of Canada’s most beautiful region as it prepares for the 21st century

Nova Scotia rationing primary health care

HEALTH (Troy Media) Nova Scotia Health Authority insists on deciding who will have primary-care physicians and who will not, leaving seniors and expecting parents in the lurch

Looking for affordable housing? Try Atlantic provinces

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) In an age of bloated house prices in many urban centres, Atlantic Canada’s situation is enviable

Medicare crippled when government doesn’t treat us all as equals

HEALTH (Troy Media) Canadian health care violates human rights when governments cause limited or delayed access to primary and specialist care

Atlantic Canada doesn’t know what real austerity feels like

POLITICS (Troy Media) Spending has risen steadily in the last generation, and anti-austerity activists clearly need to regain their equilibrium

Atlantic Canada’s oversized public sector

POLITICS (Troy Media) Money can be saved by paring the size of the public sector, finding efficiencies, privatizing some services and controlling wages

Salmon farming heads into dark, perilous waters

ENVIRONMENT (Troy Media) As the international industry struggles to deal with growing problems, tonnes of farmed B.C. salmon have died from toxic algae and low oxygen

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