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Starting with kids defensible first step toward universal pharmacare

HEALTH (Troy Media) But Ontario budget commitment won’t solve all the problems of drug access in Canada, not even in Ontario

Ontario reopens spending tap, exposing province to more risk

POLITICS: Despite tabling Ontario’s first balanced operating budget in a decade, there are signs the government plans to go right back to undisciplined spending

Ontario’s basic income pilot won’t fly

POLITICS (Troy Media) An unconditional cash transfer may encourage dependency on government, and discourage people from finding work and improving their lives

Sustainable pharmacare requires a business-like approach

Out of control spending on Ontario’s drug plan could undermine efforts to provide coverage to all those in Ontario and across Canada

Why Canada needs universal pharmacare and how to make it happen

HEALTH ( Troy Media) Prescription drug coverage for all would save lives, save billions of dollars, help businesses – and make our incomplete health system whole

The truth about wasteful daycare funding

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Offer money – not centres or spaces – to families and allow parents to make choices without being told the kind of care they’ll use

Trump’s milk shake puts Canada’s dairy industry on notice

CHARLEBOIS (Troy Media) Canada’s dairy farmers are about to pay a heavy price for Ottawa’s lack of leadership. Dramatic changes are on the way on someone else’s terms

Ontario traps those with disabilities in lives of poverty

HEALTH (Troy Media) Restrictions on assets and gifts keep many in a state of deep and profound uncertainty and crisis, but other provinces have found a way out

Private dental care fails millions in Ontario

HEALTH (Troy Media) Every three minutes someone visits an Ontario doctor for oral health issues. But physicians aren’t trained or equipped to provide appropriate treatment

It’s a political gamble to embrace prayer in public schools

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) Only 10 years ago, Premier Kathleen Wynne campaigned vehemently against a faith-based school model. Now, she has suddenly changed her mind

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