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Trump’s milk shake puts Canada’s dairy industry on notice

CHARLEBOIS (Troy Media) Canada’s dairy farmers are about to pay a heavy price for Ottawa’s lack of leadership. Dramatic changes are on the way on someone else’s terms

Getting snowed under in a political Potter’s field

POLITICS (Troy Media) The fault isn’t with Quebec society. It’s with a political world that utterly rejects that it must bear responsibility when hundreds are stranded in a storm

Why French Canadians have a right to be offended

POLITICS (Troy Media) The Andrew Potter incident should be viewed from the perspective of an ongoing pattern of anglophones marginalizing francophones

Andrew Potter, Maclean’s and the loss of academic freedom

TAUBE (Troy Media) His departure from McGill was a terrible moment for the talented columnist and editor – and a disgrace to one of Canada’s oldest institutions of higher learning

Repair Quebec’s finances by better controlling government pay

POLITICS (Troy Media) Quebec needs to enact measures that link the wages and benefits of government employees to similar positions in the private sector

Canada will regret laying out the welcome mat

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) No country can remain an intact social entity if it abandons control over who comes, how many come and what’s expected of them once they come

Deeper deficits spurred by increases in public school spending

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Provincial governments have been spending more money to educate a smaller number of students

The never-ending saga of medical user fees in Quebec

HEALTH (Troy Media) The new ban on user fees is a step forward, but much uncertainty remains about how the province will ensure quality care for everyone

The deep social scars will take a long time to heal

STEWART (Troy Media) How do Canadians wash away the shame of the slaughter of six men in a mosque in Quebec City?

Quebec reining in public debt and reducing taxes

POLITICS (Troy Media) Quebec is showing the rest of Canada that it’s still possible to balance the budget, rein in public debt and reduce taxes

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