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Ramping up immigration without a broad-based plan disastrous

Ramping up immigration without a broad-based plan disastrous

DI MUCCIO The federal government’s plan to substantially increase new arrivals requires close co-ordination with provincial and municipal officials ($$)

Ottawa’s Supercluster initiative a mess of monumental proportions

The Liberal’s Great Supercluster Screw-up just another drain on Canadian taxpayers

The unravelling of our nation

KINSELLA: From the homeless crisis to Quebec’s Bill 62 to the murder of 4,232 First Nation women, the signs are everywhere

Does the Catalonian crisis signal the end of the nation state?

MCGARVEY: Across the globe, a deep and growing frustration with the nationalist status quo is driving regional politics

Kids can be the best teachers

HEALTH/EDUCATION (Troy Media) Canadian preschool teaches kids with autism and typically developing kids together in a unique integrative program

A Canadian delicacy claws its way back into the market

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Lobster is so popular these days, McDonald’s ditched its McLobster due to higher prices. Still, things are looking up for the ‘chicken of the sea’

Vive le Quebec libre, 50 years later

HISTORY (Troy Media) There was a swift response to Charles de Gaulle’s intrusion into Canadian affairs during the centennial summer of 50 years ago

System that rewards status Indians is spectacularly unfair

POLITICS (Troy Media) And things will get a whole lot worse – and costly – as more and more people are added to the list of entitled

Trump’s milk shake puts Canada’s dairy industry on notice

CHARLEBOIS (Troy Media) Canada’s dairy farmers are about to pay a heavy price for Ottawa’s lack of leadership. Dramatic changes are on the way on someone else’s terms

Getting snowed under in a political Potter’s field

POLITICS (Troy Media) The fault isn’t with Quebec society. It’s with a political world that utterly rejects that it must bear responsibility when hundreds are stranded in a storm

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