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Staking out the moral high ground in the energy debate

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Othering can help understand energy discourse in Canada – and its tension and polarization – in a sector where natural sciences sensibilities ought to prevail

It’s time for a cross-country, face-to-face energy conversation

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The petroleum sector needs to move in synch with changing societal expectations. And Canadians will be surprised to discover how far the sector has progressed

Are Canada’s public schools truly for everyone?

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) The Saskatchewan ruling gives provinces the impetus to explore the alternatives to forcing children, against their parents’ will, into secular public education

Saskatchewan’s budget is Robin Hood in reverse

POLITICS (Troy Media) Increasing provincial sales tax – including on children’s clothes – will hurt lower-income households more than higher-income ones

Should the energy sector trust Canadians?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Many Canadians are hypocrites: they want to have their energy cake and burn it, too

Injecting some Positive Energy in a divisive national debate

BUSINESS (Troy Media) A three-year initiative assesses how Canadians think and talk about energy in all forms, bringing together disparate and typically unaligned voices

It’s time the oil industry got smart about its messaging

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Smart agriculture movement offers the perfect template: it’s about building trust with consumers by telling stories about good – and improving – practices

A tale of three budgets and difficult decisions

NEIMAN (Troy Media) Only Saskatchewan seems ready to face up to difficult fiscal times; Alberta keeps pinning its hopes on long-gone oil revenue; Ottawa dithers

Uncertainty discouraging mining investment in Canada

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Spending on exploration – the lifeblood of the industry – dropped for the fourth consecutive year and is at its lowest point since 2005

How political activists have weaponized “duty to consult”

POLITICS/LAW (Troy Media) First Nations in Ontario are challenging routine maintenance work on the Canadian Mainline, which carries natural gas from western to eastern Canada

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