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Canadians’ US$38-million-a-day gift to Americans

POLITICS/BUSINESS (Troy Media) Failure to build pipelines leaves us with no choice but to sell our oil to the U.S. at cheap prices, leaving it to sell its own oil at the international price

Driving the next wave of clean resource innovation

BUSINESS/ENVIRONMENT (Troy Media) If Ottawa is serious about clean energy, the bureaucrats and politicians pulling the levers would do well to learn about CRIN and its potential

Western Canadian silence will hurt our trade opportunities, again

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Oh, the irony! With their withdrawal from the TPP, and after doing all the hard work, the Americans are handing us their market share under TPP 11

English public schools becoming less popular in Saskatchewan

EDUCATION (Troy Media) French schools increased their share of students, as did Catholic schools. And independent schools and home-schooling options are becoming far more popular

Alberta finance minister fear-mongers after credit rating downgrade

POLITICS (Troy Media) Rather than raise the spectre of massive disruptions to public services, Ceci should look to Saskatchewan for an example of productive spending discipline

Staking out the moral high ground in the energy debate

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Othering can help understand energy discourse in Canada – and its tension and polarization – in a sector where natural sciences sensibilities ought to prevail

It’s time for a cross-country, face-to-face energy conversation

BUSINESS (Troy Media) The petroleum sector needs to move in synch with changing societal expectations. And Canadians will be surprised to discover how far the sector has progressed

Are Canada’s public schools truly for everyone?

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) The Saskatchewan ruling gives provinces the impetus to explore the alternatives to forcing children, against their parents’ will, into secular public education

Saskatchewan’s budget is Robin Hood in reverse

POLITICS (Troy Media) Increasing provincial sales tax – including on children’s clothes – will hurt lower-income households more than higher-income ones

Should the energy sector trust Canadians?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Many Canadians are hypocrites: they want to have their energy cake and burn it, too

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