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Finding salvation in the ashes of the daily newspaper business

BUSINESS/NEWS MEDIA (Troy Media) The CBC can be the link to broader success, if it goes ad-free and makes its news content freely available to other news platforms

Kids can be the best teachers

HEALTH/EDUCATION (Troy Media) Canadian preschool teaches kids with autism and typically developing kids together in a unique integrative program

Taxing professionals no way to grow the economy

POLITICS (Troy Media) The Canadian government has eliminated tax credits without using the resulting revenues to cut rates more broadly

Mainstream media is full of fake news

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) Few realize the extent to which the financial establishment uses fake news to fool the public

Don’t just blame speculators for soaring housing prices

MUNICIPAL/POLITICS (Troy Media) Falling interest rates are an often-overlooked contributor to rising home prices in Canada’s most desirable markets

How to make organizational values come alive

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Six tips you should follow when creating your values strategy

Statues tell a story that people need to hear

HISTORY (Troy Media) You could fill volumes with the uncomfortable statements uttered in the past by people whom we now revere, from Abraham Lincoln to Mahatma Gandhi

Gasoline price-fixing harms Atlantic Canada

POLITICS (Troy Media) Controls were intended to ease consumer anger over rare but large price fluctuations. But government isn’t meant to be an anger management therapist

Canada should accept increased competition under new NAFTA

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) The U.S. administration is actually acting as a champion of the Canadian consumer

Did lululemon make a mistake giving away free clothes?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) How much leeway do you give your employees to be generous with your products or services?

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