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What should we pay for in our publicly-funded health system?

HEALTH (Troy Media) If we are going to invest more money, we should place it where we can improve people’s health, recognizing that more service is not always better

How entrepreneurial are you?

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) A poll of entrepreneurs found that top CEOs are different because they take risks, are determined, are focused, and ask for and use the help of quality people

Counting calories is bad science, and doesn’t work anyway

HEALTH (Troy Media) It seems that those who eat at fast food restaurants know what they want, healthy or not, and nothing will change that other than higher taxes

Governor General apologizes for telling the truth

POLITICS (Troy Media) David Johnston told the unvarnished truth: all Canadians, including aboriginals, are immigrants from somewhere. No apology necessary

Five (bad) assumptions caregivers must overcome

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) These assumptions can harm caregivers over time. Happiness and fulfilment are emotions that must be generated from within

Coming clean about the crimes of colonialism, at home and abroad

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) When we are truly honest with ourselves, we can find ways to heal society. This is the lesson we must live and share on a global level

The power of collaboration to spark success

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The mastermind concept is a simple yet wonderfully productive tool: spend time with the creative genius in your friend pool?

Simple rules to get your busy boss to listen

CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) To get your boss’ attention, you need to know your stuff. Be firm and communicating in a way that your boss can understand

Mourning an Alberta publishing icon

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Ruth Kelly understood she had a unique responsibility: to cheerlead and promote but also to criticize constructively and objectively

Amazon’s appetite for disruption takes a bite out of the food industry

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Given its ability to fuse efficient distribution and strategic market insight, the e-commerce giant could well become the leading food retailer in North America

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