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Staking out the moral high ground in the energy debate

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Othering can help understand energy discourse in Canada – and its tension and polarization – in a sector where natural sciences sensibilities ought to prevail

Truth will triumph – but not without our help

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) As we embrace the truth of humanity’s most horrific actions, hateful lies lose their power, we become enlightened and the path to a better world becomes clear

Families are key members of patients’ hospital care teams

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Wards are staffed based on caring for a sick but otherwise self-sufficient patient population. The reality is patients need family caregivers in the hospital

Divide and conquer: how to deal with harsh criticism

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We have a tendency to fixate on the most devastating of critiques, rather than focusing on the ones that offer honest, objective and useful feedback

Trudeau selling Canadians false bill of goods on infrastructure

POLITICS (Troy Media) Little of the federal government’s new spending over the next decade is earmarked for projects that will actually improve Canada’s core infrastructure

Free medicines for rich kids is a fair and efficient policy

HEALTH (Troy Media) Universality is no free ride for the rich. If everyone pays, say, a one per cent income tax for universal drug coverage, the millionaire will pay much more

Multinationals face new pressures in grocery stores

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Consumers increasingly want fresh, unprocessed food. The middle of the store now sees less traffic and that’s clearly affecting sales for most grocery products

China offers a lesson on financing infrastructure

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) China built 20,000 km of high-speed rail infrastructure without raising taxes or becoming indebted to international bond markets

And so begins the reign of Fergus the Red

RURAL LIFE (Troy Media) Our puppy follows closely in the big, scary outdoors. And he thinks he’s hurting his squeaky chew toys and whimpers

Why NAFTA and Canada are important to the U.S. economy

BUSINESS (Troy Media) An open letter to President Trump from the Business Council of British Columbia as the U.S. prepares to renegotiate NAFTA

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