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In the fight for kids’ attention, parents don’t stand a chance

HEALTH (Troy Media) Study shows Canadian kids see more than 25 million online food and beverage ads a year – mostly for junk food. It’s time for that to end

Medical schools failing to help students develop their careers

EDUCATION/CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Admission into medical school is not a ticket to a successful career. Physicians actually have a higher rate of unemployment than the national average

ACE a common-sense approach to eldercare

CAREGIVING (Troy Media) Acute Care for Elders (ACE) is designed to treat elderly patients in a way that respects their abilities and limitations, speeds healing and promotes safe discharges home

ADHD can stall your career

HEALTH/CAREER INFORMATION (Troy Media) Millions of people are walking around unaware they suffer attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, or how it affects their live and careers

Why so many Canadians seek out-of-country health care

HEALTH (Troy Media) Lack of available resources or procedures at home, desire to access more advanced technologies and to avoid Canada’s long wait times are chief among the reasons

Tear down the ‘welfare wall’ for persons with disabilities

HEALTH (Troy Media) A federal disability benefit could be modelled on the GIS for seniors. We should dismantle welfare and replace it with more adequate, dignified income supports

Private health care isn’t the problem, it’s part of the solution

HEALTH (Troy Media) While some patients may be able to wait for treatment without suffering adverse consequences, many others may be in pain, unable to work or live full lives

Bring epilepsy awareness out of the dark ages

HEALTH (Troy Media) You might think negative views of epileptic seizures as a sign of demonic possession are a relic of our distant past but you’d be wrong

Breaking technology’s pernicious grip on our children

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The formative years with our children only come once. When we make them the highest priorities in our lives, we give them the message that they’re worthwhile

Putting a stop to health care that lacks value

HEALTH (Troy Media) Choosing Wisely is helping obstetricians and gynecologists target reductions in unnecessary care that may harm patients and cost the Canadian health system

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