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Families are key members of patients’ hospital care teams

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Wards are staffed based on caring for a sick but otherwise self-sufficient patient population. The reality is patients need family caregivers in the hospital

Free medicines for rich kids is a fair and efficient policy

HEALTH (Troy Media) Universality is no free ride for the rich. If everyone pays, say, a one per cent income tax for universal drug coverage, the millionaire will pay much more

Offering care the most natural of gifts

CAREGIVING (Troy Media) Offering care is who we are; propelled by practise, learning and love, it’s where we most often locate meaning and purpose in our lives

Tying up the loose ends of life

HEALTH/LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The first anniversary of legal doctor-assisted suicide muddies the discussion-of-death waters. Preparing for death needs to focus on the completion of living

Starting with kids defensible first step toward universal pharmacare

HEALTH (Troy Media) But Ontario budget commitment won’t solve all the problems of drug access in Canada, not even in Ontario

What Canada can learn from Australia on health care

HEALTH (Troy Media) There are elements to adapt and ones to avoid, from pharmacare, to home care, to hospital efficiency and funding, to a mix of private and public health delivery

The case for HPV vaccinations for all Canadian children

HEALTH (Troy Media) The disparity in HPV cancer prevention and care is unacceptable. A huge gap in vaccinations exists in Canada’s North

What Trump’s agenda means for Canadian health care

HEALTH (Troy Media) Without provisions strengthening health care under NAFTA, U.S. companies could claim the right to a Canadian private health-care market

Canada’s refugee health-care program still falls short

HEALTH (Troy Media) Clinics, pharmacies and specialists continue to deny services to refugees and refugee claimants, based on the assumption they’re not covered by IFHP

“Be prepared” is the natural caregiver’s motto

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) When natural disaster strikes, caregivers need to know the risks, have a plan, a network of support in place, and an emergency kit at hand

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