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Eat up: the diet you’re on is likely a pretty good one

As long as you don’t eat carbohydrates, fats and protein to extreme levels, you should be just fine

Over-medicating to manage behaviour is damaging and wasteful

It’s time to talk about the overuse of antipsychotics among adults with developmental disabilities

Earlier intervention could help Canadians with autism avoid crises

(Troy Media) More resources in the community and better training for emergency services are needed

Food is medicine where malnutrition and frailty are concerned

(Troy Media) Malnutrition common problem for patients entering health care facilities in Canada – costing the system $2 billion annually

Do you suffer from a false sense of no confidence?

WOOD (Troy Media) Remember, confidence is a process not a product. Allow the journey to begin

We must rethink our approach to battling opioid abuse

(Troy Media) As fentanyl deaths continue to rise, we cannot continue to pretend that we are on the path to solving this problem

Looking beyond our borders for health-care cures

(Troy Media) Compared to other countries, Canada has a high-cost system that delivers mediocre, and sometimes remarkably poor, performance

The brutal truth about football’s waning popularity

DOWBIGGIN (Troy Media) As devastating hits and debilitating injuries rise, football faces a diminished audience. Can the sport curb its most violent tendencies and survive?

Give us our daily (gluten free?) bread

FISHER (Troy Media) I’ve tried giving up wheat to lose a few pounds but I miss it too much when it disappears from my diet

Canada no cure-all for health care in America

(Troy Media) Bernie Sanders’ push for ‘Medicare for All’ in the U.S. should avoid using the Canadian health-care system as its model