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For the sake of our kids, Calgary must end the anti-fluoride folly

FIRBY (Troy Media) Poor dental health in childhood becomes a lifelong burden, with consequences for those who can least afford dental care

How to build a strong self-image

(Troy Media) Your self-image plays a major part in how you live your life. It determines the quality of your life and, often, how successful you will be

Taming the irrational beast called anger

WOOD (Troy Media) When strong negative emotions kidnap the thinking brain, we become scarcely more coherent than a wild animal

How Alberta can deal with the ‘silver tsunami’ health-care crisis

(Troy Media) If the NDP is going to lose the next election, the government should just fall on its sword and introduce a sales tax

Are we wired to follow our parents’ occupational footsteps?

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Does it even matter what your parents did in their work life?

Study: more fats, less carbohydrates, equal a balanced diet

(Troy Media) Nutritionists have been telling us for years to load up on the low-fat products. Turns out that may have been a bad idea

What’s missing in Ontario’s approach to marijuana distribution

(Troy Media) Ontario says it won’t allow edibles. But the black market will fill the gap and may impact the province’s attempts to mitigate public risk

High dental fees, lack of access create a health crisis

(Troy Media) Lack of dental care affects more than oral health – it has been linked to cardiovascular and respiratory problems and diabetes

The waiting is the hardest part, for the hopeful and the pregnant

(Troy Media) If abortion is such a hard decision, as even advocates maintain, why aren’t women allowed the time to make it?

For colon cancer, the best test is the one you’re willing to do

For colon cancer, the best test is the one you’re willing to do

(Troy Media) New immigrants and those from poorer neighbourhoods screened at lower rates in Canada