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Should the U.S. withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Arguments that Iran has already violated the agreement and that the U.S. should pull out and immediately reinstate sanctions have consequences

It’s time we target the real tax avoiders: corporations

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) Income tax is an industrial-era institution that won’t survive globalization and the digital revolution

Is justice pricing really justice or just plain hate?

(Troy Media) This isn’t a time for Canadians to be segregating each other, or rushing to put themselves and their neighbours into hyphenated categories

Hanging up on cellphones in classrooms

FISHER (Troy Media) Check your phones and your fidget spinners at the door – and crack open a good old-fashioned book

The personal quest for knowledge should never end

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) Curiosity is the one human attribute that should always be indulged and stimulated

Calgary’s down, but is it out?

ROBINSON (Troy Media)A former Calgarian returns to find empty office space, a battle over a multimillion-dollar hockey rink, and deserted restaurants and hotels

How to build a strong self-image

(Troy Media) Your self-image plays a major part in how you live your life. It determines the quality of your life and, often, how successful you will be

Finally, a ticket to ride: Uber making inroads in Canada

(Troy Media) Taxis and ride-sharing services can happily co-exist. Even cabbies are starting to get that

Democratic angst and independence turmoil

MURPHY (Troy Media) In Hillary Clinton’s mind, it’s everyone else’s fault. So she’ll continue to hog centre stage and suck up the political oxygen

In desperate times, business owners must shift strategies

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Troy Media) Leaders who make quick, smart decisions in times of difficulty and follow through are significantly more successful than owners who waffle

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